Usertesting dot com

8 07 2009

I recently tried out for the first time. Have to say that I’m pretty impressed, for the most part. For those unfamiliar with the site, it is a quick and dirty usability testing service that allows you to request users for a specific site. Users reply to your “ad” and then record a ~20 min video of their screen while they use the site. You get screen vid and audio, as well as a short written feedback piece.

Positives: The interface for setting up the parameters for a test is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Once you have launched a test, you then have a dashboard page that allows you to quickly launch ‘similar’ tests. This feature is critical, as many of the parameters are mutually exclusive. This means that if you want to guarantee an even spilt of male/female users for the site you are testing, you actually need to set up two tests, and specify male users for one, and female users for the other. 

The results are amazing. Within a day I had completed tests from 2 users and both were incredibly articulate and informative. 

Drawbacks: It is not very easy to stipulate exactly who it is you are looking for. You’re basically recruiting from a very high-level, general perspective, and while that’s fine for most of my purposes, I’m hoping that they improve these limitations quickly, so I can put all the demo data in front of my clients. 

I recommend this product, but not highly yet. They have some more work to do, but I’m hopeful.

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